Answer to Question 10

We have reason to feel positive because most urban areas all over the world are making big changes, reallocating road space away from cars to encourage people to walk, wheel or cycle.

And these changes are working – as cities become more and more geared towards walking and cycling, more and more people of all ages are taking to their feet, their mobility aids, and their bikes.

This road used to be clogged with polluting traffic. Now it makes walking or cycling to work and school a reality. No-one wants to go back to how it used to be.

These cities are safer, cleaner, less congested, and just nicer places to live. Places like London, Manchester, New York, Paris, Milan, San Francisco, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Coventry, Leicester. And one day, Northampton will be on this list too.

The council’s own polls show that most people in Northampton want these changes – it’s just a question of time before councillors realise what’s the right thing to do for our town. Living Streets Northampton continues to work hard to hold the council to account and try to make our town better for everyone.

Thank you to everyone for your support!