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Abington Street, Fish Street, & Chalk Lane proposals

Northampton plans to spend £4.2m of their Towns Fund allocation on Abington St and Fish St, plus £1.5m to create a new park in Chalk Lane.

Some authorities have used a portion of their Towns Fund to create new active travel routes. We think the same should be done in Northampton.

View the proposal and have your say.

Billing Rd Corridor and Abington Active Travel Scheme

We’ve been waiting for the Billing Road Corridor since 2020, when the consultation was abandoned because of a noisy minority.

Now it’s been watered down to this.

Find out what’s happening & how it came about, and read our response.

Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan

This is an absolutely vital document – without it, a Council cannot bid for Active Travel infrastructure funding. Yet Northampton doesn’t have one.

Learn about the Northampton Local Cycling & Walking Plan (LCWIP).

See our timeline and view the plan that disappeared.

Independent survey of Northampton residents

In 2021, Northamptonshire County Council commissioned an independent survey into attitudes to cycling and walking in Northampton.

It showed that most people want more priority given to walking and cycling, even if it means less convenience for car users.

See the full survey here.

Our quiz

Test your knowledge with our Active Travel Quiz.

Article by Councillor Emma Roberts

“Lots of people contact me about Active Travel and more friendly streets. They want to see change and the ambition to achieve it.”

Read Emma’s article from the Climate Action West Northants newsletter.

Active Travel Presentation

Active Travel is not a niche issue. It’s a major part of national government policy, as defined by the Department for Transport and Active Travel England.

To get this message across, we created this presentation.

View the presentation.

Response to past consultations

Response to WNC budget proposals.

Northampton station multi-storey car park and other development: see our summary of the plans and our response.

Talk to West Northants Council

View our talk to the full council meeting.