Active Travel Quiz

Test your knowledge about Active Travel with our fun quiz.

Question 1

According to the Department for Transport, what percentage of urban car journeys are less than 2 miles (a distance that most people could easily walk or cycle)?


Question 2

When was Road Tax abolished in the UK? Which is correct: 1973, 1937, or it was never abolished.

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Question 3

How many miles of cycle lanes are there in New York City? Which is the right answer: 0.5 miles, 15 miles, or 1500 miles?

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Question 4

In the Netherlands, which of these age groups cycles the most: 35-50, 50-65, or the over 65s?

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Question 5

Some In 2019, which European town city achieved “Vision Zero” – no pedestrian or cyclist deaths throughout the year: Oslo, Lille, Amsterdam, London, Helsinki.

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Question 6

Government figures show that 1 in 6 deaths in the UK are caused by which of these: a) Physical inactivity, b) Road Collisions or c) Smoking.

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Question 7

The toxic effects of air pollution are well known, but we can’t get away from it on our busy roads. Where is the air pollution worse – inside your car, or on the pavement?

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Question 8

In the UK, the legal maximum annual average of NO2 pollution is 40 µg/m3 (a level exceeded in a number of places in Northampton).  What is the maximum recommended by the World Health Organisation?  Is it 10, 20, or 50? 

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Question 9

In the UK, what proportion of people want a 20mph speed limit for all residential streets? Is is 20%, 50%, or 70%?

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Question 10

Every day, children are being damaged by air pollution caused by traffic, and many are driven to school because their parents are too afraid to let them walk or cycle. New housing developments have built-in car dependency, while obesity and ill-health are rising due to inactivity. Meanwhile, simple solutions to encourage Active Travel are ignored by local politicians.

So why should we feel any optimism at all?

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